master the impossible


Do you think you could remember this number?




I bet you can.



You can remember

     •     Names

     •     Passwords

     •     Key Codes

     •     Points for presentations

     •     Numbers of ANY length!

and I can show you how, in 60 minutes!

By the end of this thought provoking and inspiring talk every delegate will achieve something they thought was completely beyond them.

We all have an excellent memory we just don’t all know how to use it properly.  You have to remember to remember.

Beginning with the most common problem of forgetting someone’s name, I will take you on a fascinating journey utilising key memory systems useful in every day life.  Everyone will learn how we can release more of our mind’s potential and maximise the use of our memory.

Without even trying, everyone attending will learn how to and succeed in remembering the 50 digit number above.   Really.

After that everything else will seem easy, right?

Contact the award-winning Richard Pinner to give your online meetings and conferences the magic touch.