Richard who ?

Father, Husband, Show Off.

(Details below)

I am Richard pinner

I live in London and from here I travel the globe to amaze and amuse.

Becoming a full time professional magician in 1991 I have never had a “real job”

Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star. 

As a performer I have  visited over 30 countries with shows ranging from 4 minutes at a board meeting through to support act for Victoria Wood to cabaret in New Zealand. 





“My father was a Magician too. 

So even though I have a rather strange job I have a very traditional career path,

I learnt the family business”


It’s everything rolled in to one really.   The Magic comes easily to me and I have always been a show off, I’m very happy being the one at the front talking.  The comedy took longer, working out who I was on stage and then expanding that aspect to find my rhythm was hard work.
  • Magic
  • Comedy
  • WTF
Laughter and wonder are important. The World needs more of both. You can help.

Industry awards

In September 2014, Richard was awarded The Magic Circle Stage Magician of the Year making him the only magician in the world to have won both Close Up and Stage competitions at both The Magic Circle and The International Brotherhood of Magicians.

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