Are you a member of The Magic Circle?
Yes, very much so.

Past Vice President

Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star

The Magic Circle Stage Magician of the year 2014

The Magic Circle Close up Magician of the year 1999

How long is the show?

The perfect length for one event was 4 minutes and a few years ago and another needed 3 different 45 minute shows for the same audience!

I will know how long that particular piece of string should be once we have had a chat.

How far do you travel?
The furthest I have been for a single engagement is Australia.  I guess off planet is the next challenge.

If you have a gig near a mountain with snow on it there will be room for negotiation.

Will you need a special stage, lighting and stuff?
I need to be seen and heard.

The style of show, audience numbers and other factors will determine what, if any, special equipment is required.

Don’t worry we can work all that out.

Are you insured?

Through Equity I have Public Liabilty insurance for £10m.

When should I book?
That’s a really hard one to answer.

The best advice I can give is as soon as you know the date, let’s get that booked in and work out the details later.

Will you teach me a trick?

I can’t share all my secrets but everyone has to start somwhere.

Here for example

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